“You Fly, We Calculate!”

So you have your iPad with all it’s Digital Maps…..

But what about all those calculations that you are required to do before and during each flight? Sure you can download a digital E6B, and push numbers, write results, punch more numbers just to calculate Density Altitude, TAS vs. Indicated, Doing Table Interpolation by hand to get airplane performance data….but that is wasting your time!

It’s time to make your life easier and eliminate all of those tedious steps and calculations with FlightCheck™…spend that extra time in enjoying your flight! WIth just a small amount of input from the user, FlightCheck™ for iPad will perform all the necessary calculations for your flight.

All those calculations wrapped up in one single application, FlightCheck™. We designed it to make your pre-flight, in-flight, and landing preparation more streamlined, saving you time and redundancy, giving you the ability to get your flight on!

Some of FlightCheck™ many features:

  • Pre-takeoff: Enter your weights and fuel in gallons. Your takeoff and landing weights/arms will be displayed
    • That data is then AUTOMAGICALLY transferred to the Takeoff Screen, populating your Ground Roll and Climb Performance
  • Enter your Current Airport, and METAR Information (when available) is downloaded. The FAA Airport Database Information is loaded, and with your Airplane Performance Tables, ALL of your TakeOff and Climb Calculations are performed for you
    • No Need To Calculate Pressure Altitude, Density Altitudes, Table Interpolations, or HeadWind Effects…FlightCheck™ does it all for you
    • Colored Graphical Display of all your Runway Performance for your airport(s). If Takeoff Performance uses too much runway, it will be indicated on a colored graphical display (default percentages are loaded, user hast the ability to adjust preferences)
  • Read To Level Out and Cruise? How do you want to manage your flight? FlightCheck™ will help set your power settings based upon RPM, Manifold, TAS, And %BHP
    • You want to know If that indicated airspeed is what your book value says for TAS? FlightCheck™ will calculate it for you
    • What are those winds aloft? With TAS that FlightCheck™ has already calculated for you, in conjunction with your iPad GPS (if installed or your entered data), FlightCheck™ will provide you with just the information you need
  • Ready to FILE A PIREP? FlightCheck™ will have all those calculations displayed on the PIREP form, all ready and waiting for you!
  • Ready to Land? FlightCheck™ will be right there to perform all of the necessary landing calculations for all airport runways
We are always trying to build and expand upon FlightCheck™, ideas and feedback are welcomed.

Screen Shots

Weight And Balance Calculations Displayed Graphically

Automatically Downloaded ATIS/ASOS Information (Wireless Connection Required)

Takeoff And Climb Performance For All Your Airport Runways
(Color Coded For Quick Safety Checks That Are Base On YOUR Personal Limits)

Aircraft Cruise Performance Calculations, Indicated vs TAS vs Book, Winds Aloft

PIREPS Form Populated For You

Landing Performance Calculations

Your Personal Limits Add The Margins and Warning Colors For Your Takeoffs and Landings